APRIL 2024

Congratulations to Yuchen for passing her in-field research proposal exam and officially becoming a doctoral candidate! Keep up the great work, Yuchen!

MARCH 2024

We have installed a digitally-controlled low-temperature reaction bath. There’s no need to use dry ice baths for low-temperature reactions anymore!


We welcome two Rutgers undergraduate students to the group: Yuhan Hu and Jonathan Mendes. We look forward to exploring the beauty of chemistry with you, Yuhan and Jon!


We welcome two first-year graduate students who have officially joined the group as PhD students. Welcome aboard, Subhajit and Zeynep! We can’t wait to see the amazing things you will do in the group!


We concluded 2023 with our last group meeting of the year. Thanks to everyone’s efforts throughout 2023, the Gu Lab has been well set up and is running smoothly. We hope that 2024 will be a fruitful year and cannot wait to share some of the interesting chemistry we have been working on soon!

November 2023

Yuchen has successfully passed her CARL (Critical Analysis of Research Literature) Exam. Congratulations to her on achieving the first milestone in her PhD studies. We are all very proud of you, Yuchen!


We welcome two first-year students to the group as rotation students: Jinying Wang and Sheng Zhu.


We welcome three first-year students to the group as rotation students: Subhajit Nandi, Zeynep Yaslan, Boyuan Huang.

Ruihao has completed his summer research with us. Although he was only here for two months, Ruihao taught us a great deal of interesting chemistry. We wish you the best of luck back at Tsinghua, Ruihao!


We welcome Ruihao Zhou to the group as a visiting undergraduate researcher. Ruihao is visiting us from Tsinghua University and will spend two months with us developing bio-inspired solutions for polymer degradation. We look forward to having you in the group, Ruihao!

Dr. Jinxing Li joined the group as a postdoctoral researcher. Jinxing conducted his PhD studies with Prof. Mingjun Huang at South China University of Technology, focusing on liquid-crystalline polymers. He will be exploring bio-inspired polymer design in our group. Welcome aboard, Jinxing!

JULY 2023

Thong completed his summer research with us on a synthesis project. We had a great time with Thong and are very proud of the impressive poster and presentation he gave at the RISE Symposium. Best of luck with your future endeavors, Thong!

JUNE 2023

We welcome Thong Pham to the group as a summer undergraduate researcher from RISE (Research Intensive Summer Experience) at Rutgers Program. Thong is visiting us from the University of Maryland, College Park, and will spend two months with us. We look forward to working with you, Thong!

We have our MBRAUN Glovebox installed. It is so big that we had to take off one of our floor-to-ceiling windows to let it in!

MAY 2023

We have our Shimadzu Semi-Preparative HPLC and K&A DNA Synthesizer installed. Time to make some oligos!

APRIL 2023

We installed our first Schlenk line in the lab. Check out the picture below of Yuwei setting up the inaugural reaction of the group (the reaction worked, of course)!

MARCH 2023

We have our GPC-MALS and CombiFlash Flash Chromatography installed. Time to start making some molecules!


First-year graduate student Yuchen Ma officially joined the group. Welcome on board, Yuchen! 

We welcome Master’s student Shaozheng Yin to the group as he begins his master’s research with us.


We welcome first-year graduate student Yuchen Ma to the group as a rotation student! 

The Gu Lab is officially open on the third floor of the CCB building on the Busch Campus. We are grateful for the generous support and warm welcome from CCB Department at Rutgers and excited about starting an adventurous journey in macromolecular science (broadly defined). We welcome interested students and researchers to join us!