We always welcome curious, motivated, and collaborative graduate/undergraduate students and postdoctoral researchers to join us. Our lab is highly interdisciplinary and collaborates with groups from various fields, so researchers in our lab will have opportunities to receive trainings in areas such as polymer chemistry, organic synthesis, nucleic acid chemistry, protein engineering, soft matter characterization, polymer physics, imaging, and rheology.


Postdoctoral Researchers: We do not currently have openings for postdoctoral researchers.

Graduate students: Prospective graduate students interested in our lab should apply to the Graduate Program of Rutgers University-New Brunswick campus. If you are planning to apply our department, you are welcome to contact Yuwei (yuwei.gu@rutgers.edu) for more information about research in the Gu Lab. If you have already been admitted by the graduate program of Rutgers University and would like to join our group, please email Yuwei (yuwei.gu@rutgers.edu) to set up a meeting to discuss potential projects and possibilities.

Undergraduate students: We especially welcome undergraduate students to join our lab to explore the beauty of macromolecular science. Having worked with many excellent undergraduate researchers in the past, we greatly appreciate how undergraduate students can help shape and define the research group. Moreover, Yuwei found his passion for polymers when working as an undergraduate researcher in the Xu group and in the Granick group, so he wishes to perpetuate the pattern to younger students. Motivated undergraduate students may contact Yuwei directly by email (yuwei.gu@rutgers.edu).

Our Values

We firmly believe that a good lab is one led by a purpose. All efforts we make for our students, researchers, collaborators, and the broader science community come down to our purpose: to make an impact that matters. It is this simple statement that defines each decision and drives our future.

Each member of our lab contributes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our lab culture is the result of our curiosity, our behaviors, how we collaborate, and the ways that we share our perspectives and influence others to do the same. We encourage every member to express freely and explore freely. Ultimately, through cultivating an inclusive culture, we seek to coalesce into increased diversity in skills, ways of thinking, and approaches to problem-solving.

We take well-being into the core of our purpose. To be our best selves, we need to focus on all aspects of our well-being, including physical, mental, and social. That is why we empower members in our lab to design and integrate work and life to meet their unique needs no matter where they are on their academic journey.